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1 - Opt for a healthy diet from the beginning
Gaining weight in the States is very easy, because the food is tasty and also very caloric. So for anyone who is eating out, I suggest:
1) The delicious soups at Panera Bread,
2) The light spaghetti at Noodles & Company,
3) The tasty sandwichs at Taco Bell - the "burrito" dishes resemble Brazilian food (with rice, beans, meats and salads), and
4) The very nutritional menu of Whole Foods. There is one at 1001 Plymouth Road, Minnetonka, MN.

2 - Buy a car
In general, American cities have few public transport options, so buying a car is an essential step. Americans usually suggest the Toyota and Honda. Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla cars are popular here, with a reputation for being durable and economical.

3 - Buy a GPS, and be sure to remove it when you leave your car
That was one of the best gifts that my family received when we arrived here. GPS is a fantastic companion to guide us in traffic, especially when it snows and the snow covers the street signs. Unfortunately, due to criminals, it is necessary to always take the GPS from the car when it is not in use. This equipement is frequently stolen.

4 - Right from the start, try to obtain a driver's license in the U.S.
Minnesota law (and maybe other U.S. States too) allows foreigners to use their driver's license from their original country, along with their passports, for up to 2 months. After this period, foreigners could be fined if caught driving without proper authorization. Therefore, foreigners should go to the local DMV to obtain information on how to get this document. In the post, Driver's License at MN, I share some videos which explain some details of the Written Test, and the Road Test as well.

5 - Choice of a place to rent
Normally living in someone's basement (or attic) is one of the cheapest options. But if this option is not avaiable, prefer condominiums where the apartments have their own unit of washing machine and dryer. When the washer+dryer are external to the apartment, or are available to all residents of the condominium in a specific area, their use must be paid.
Important details:
* If the U.S. region in which you will be living has harsh winters, with snow, it is important to choose a condo with a covered garage. Otherwise, you'll have a lot of extra work removing the snow from the car.
* Since the public schools (elementary, middle and high school levels) are related to their districts, it is good to check in advance the district's quality of the schools. If the school is not well rated, it would be wiser to think about renting in another area.

6 - Use a saline solution to hydrate the nose
The climate in some regions of the U.S. is very dry, and it is important to moisturize your nose. I found the product at hand, which needs no prescription (in U.S., most drugs are sold only on prescription).

7 - Buy a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide in any pharmacy for purifying fruit and vegetables
One capsule in a pot of water filled with vegetables/fruits is enough. More information at The Greenest Dollar.

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