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This is a very important question. And it takes a lot of courage and honesty to answer that. In a post-modern world, some subjects are ridiculed, and these ones are some of them.

However, they are essential themes for youth, as many sadness and remorse could be avoided if many could analyze these issues in depth.

First of all, this speech below from Pam Stenzel is a proper recommendation.

Pam Stenzel is a experienced writer and her books helped many young men and ladies towards purity.

Well, answering the answering the question above, we should use the truth: yes, romance and purity are still important, and if young people meditated on these questions before bending to what the films and social media induce, they would certainly have a much happier emotional life.

Courtship is also a good option. Some claim it's old fashion. BUT IT WORKS! A very good book about a real experience in this are is "When God writes your love story", by Eric and Leslie Ludy. Click the picture below to buy this title at ChristianBook.com.

Book "When God writes
your love story" - click HERE

The movies below, from Five&Two Pictures, offer interesting insights about romance and purity.
Movie Princess Cut [link]
Movie Pamela's Prayer [link]
Movie Second Glance [link]

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